Welcome to Censor Fortress.

Malta has been considered as an island Fortress since the 1940s when it was Awarded the George Cross in 1942 for Bravery.

But in 2009, Malta has become another type of fortress, that of censorship, when the Scottish Play STITCHING was banned from being performed.

A year has passed and the arts censorship has increased in the fortress. We are now hearing of University Students being arrested for publishing or writing fictitious controversial stories and other issues that are a hot debate on the island.

What remains is still a mystery as this ‘war’ on art is just the beginning. We will have to wait and see what the authorities will snatch out of the bag.

If you are interested, please follow this blog and hopefully, with your interaction, we can start improving by explaining why censorship is the avid protection from reality.

The finished Documentary is divided in two and can be viewed on